English for professionals

The inability to express important ideas in English hinders career progress and limits access to top tier companies and organizations. Bridge the gap between what you know and what you can say.

Development and Preparation

Courses and support for non-native English professionals, current and aspiring :


Support employee development and improve project outcomes with small group courses tailored to team needs including language prep for Pitch Meetings, Project Reviews, Project Gates and Planning (Budgeting, Forecasting, Resource Allocation)

High School and University Students

Business and Engineering English development to prepare students for study, internships and entry-level positions at top-tier international organizations

One-on-One Teaching

Targeted language development to help you with specific problems: pitching/presenting, proposal writing, interviewing, among many others to suite your needs

Why Longhorn Academy?

A curriculum informed by a deep personal and professional understanding of organizational and personal needs based on:

  • Unique professional and academic experience
  • Project and results focused language teaching

Longhorn Academy: English for professionals

Gleb Solomentsev

Founder and Teacher

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Explore opportunities available to enhance your science education. Classes and availability are limited by size and time of year. For more information write to: info@longhorn.academy